Networking with others in UX

Networking with others in UX Hey! Welcome to my first blog post, My name is Jade, I am a soon to be graduate student in Digital Media based at UWE Bristol’s Frenchay Campus. For my last year module, I volunteered to write a blog post on how to network with others related to my field of work.Since studying design thinking and user experience (UX) in my second year, I have realised that user experience is my passion and a potential full-time job opportunity. After looking at various networking links, I chose to look into the ' Ladies that UX Bristol' meet up group. Starting as a close-knit group in 2014, Ladies that UX Bristol has been running for 6 years and have over 650 members. Looking at the meetup website, the description stated that the group is for all levels of UX especially those who are eager to learn and listen to others' experiences of being UXers.Due to the current situation...
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